Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flights of fancy

Did you ever dream of taking your family to faraway, exotic locations? Do you have a dream of visiting these places yourself? I do.

For years, I’ve dreamed of going to Australia. There’s something irresistible to me about the rugged outback. Maybe because it seems so much like our own Old West. I tend to dream about living in a time and place where the work hours are determined more by the sunrise and sunset than an alarm clock.

It would probably be wise to research Australia a little more, of course, but in my mind’s eye, I can see myself getting a kuwait airways ticket and flying off to the Land Down Under, and staying there a very long time.

Of course, a plane ticket could take me any number of other wonderful places. Maybe to Italy, where I can see the great works of Michelangelo or visit the Roman Ruins. Or to England, where the roots of my family reside and where our own country’s history has its beginning.

Air travel has really come into its own, I think. You can travel the world in mere hours and find adventures where ever you go. And these days, you can shop online for the best deals on airfare, tourist packages, and lodging. You can even check your flight status and other details concerning your trip just by the click of your mouse or using your smart phone.

The world seems to be shrinking because of all these great new options, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Places we’ve only read about or seen in pictures can be visited without much more bother than deciding just which place you’d like to visit first.

I think I’ve just added this to my Bucket List.

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